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Alexiana Graizaro, student of MSc International Project Management

MSc Alexiana Graizaro
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To help students learn more about both our programs and graduates, we are doing an interview with one of the ESC’s brilliant students in the master programs. Alexiana Graizaro is a student of MSc. in International Project Management. She found her internship in Michelin nearly 6 months before her graduation.


Can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Alexiana Graizaro, I am an industrial engineer from Argentina. After working three years in the private sector, I decided to come to France to study a postgraduate Master degree.


Why did you choose ESC Clermont?

The decision was based mainly on the Master: I was looking for a Master focused on project management and during that search, I found ESC Clermont. After that, I learnt more about the good opportunities offered by ESC Clermont, such as the double degree.

The international approach adapted by the school makes is even more fascinating: knowing new people, new cultures, and learning other ways of thinking.


What made you select International Project Management?

I was working in an Argentinian company as part of a project team and while I was at the university, I also developed activities in study groups and investigation centers. From those experiences, I discovered that I wanted to work in projects. During the project, you learn a lot about a topic and, when it is over, you move to something new which means that your work is always something different and it breaks the monotony of most regular jobs.


How would you describe your experience at ESC Clermont?

The experience is positive in several aspects. Professionally, it is an exciting opportunity to learn different ways of doing things. ESC Clermont also has excellent teachers that share their experiences during the classes, while the classmates also provide new points of view. This exchange is really enriching.

In my particular case, it is incredible because it is the first time I live abroad and have the chance to share the day to day activities with people from all over the world.


What skills and knowledge did you acquire during the program?

I like the practical approach of the program. The expertise of the teachers is shown through practical activities which allow each one of us to share our own experiences and learn from each other. Besides the concepts acquired during the master, there are several skills encouraged in an informal way, like integration, tolerance, adaptation, and solidarity.


How did you find the internship?

In November, there was a Forum organized in Michelin Stadium by Salon Studyrama. As students of ESC Clermont, we were invited. I presented my CV at Michelin’s stand and had a short interview with an HR representative. In December, they called me for an interview for a possible internship. Later on, I had the interview with the Chief of the Pre-Development Department and they accepted me for the internship.

They said they were interested in students with technical and management background.


What is your role going to be in Michelin?

I will work in the Pre-Development Department. Some objectives are: to study the deviations between forecasts and the actual results, to develop a tool to report the financial analysis, etc.


How do you think the master program will help you in your new role?

It gives me the fundamental tools to face the new challenges and confidence to be part of such an important company. Also, we are learning a lot about the PMI framework, which is a benefit taking into account that a lot of professionals in Michelin are certified.


What are your career plans after your internship at Michelin?

I hope I can find a job in an international environment to develop the concepts we have learnt.


What is your recommendation for prospect students at ESC Clermont?

When I arrived, to France I didn’t know anything about French, Even though people here are very kind and helped me with the language, I think it is a good idea to start studying French before coming.

About the course itself, my recommendation is just to be dedicated and willing to learn.


What do you think about Clermont-Ferrand?

I think it is a very nice city. Most of my friends say that it is too small, but I grew up in small village so I am happy about it. There are many things to do: the possibility of being in contact with the nature around and the uniqueness of the gastronomy makes Clermont-Ferrand an exceptional place to study and live.


What are your hobbies?

I enjoy travelling and sharing experiences with people, learning from other cultures and socializing. Since I arrived to France, I have met incredible people who also like travelling, so we try to mix the studies with the trips.