Mission and Strategic Objectives


Educate and train lucid and responsible managers, entrepreneurs and leaders:

  • Possessing fundamental knowledge in management
  • Capable of understanding the complexity and the stakes of the economic and business environment where creativity and innovation are keys to successful decision-making, and successful actions.
  • Who create value on the economic, social and business fronts.

Accompany our students towards professional excellence using efficient and original methods.

Produce and publish knowledge by capitalising on our Programme-Lab-Research ecosystem, in close cooperation with the actors and partners of our regional community.

Strategic Objectives

To implement our mission, our strategy is based on the following three lines:

  • Develop opportunities for dual-degrees and multiple skills for our students
  • Build programmes, fields and specialisations in keeping with a spirit of co-development with educational and professional partners
  • Multiply experiential learning through project-based teaching methods favouring interdisciplinarity and on-the-job training
  • Be consistent with site policy on a regional level by being a part of large developmental projects
  • Increase the profile of applied research by developing projects for local businesses and by putting an emphasis on methodological teaching