Business School in Clermont since 1919 Une Valeur sûre

Our values

The Groupe ESC Clermont teams work towards the success of the students. Our identity is built on solid pedagogical, human and territorial foundations. These values have guided us for nearly 100 years.

• Self-respect, respecting others, respecting rules and the environment to prepare civic minded and responsible individuals and companies.
• Lucidity against all forms of blindness or mind-blockage, to allow the players to reassess themselves repeatedly and to initiate any change wisely.
• Social intelligence through gaining transferable skills that are oriented towards group work, tolerance and a sense of responsibility.
• Professional fulfilment, understanding the virtues of work, being the source of social innovation.

Groupe ESC Clermont, is also :

• A campus in the town-centre
• 1 400 students
• 5 associations
• 305 foreign students on the campus from 38 different countries
• 39 permanent professors
• Partnerships with 100 foreign universities in 50 countries
• 200 associate professors
• Ist Bachelor programme in France, ranked by the Figaro Etudiant in 2013
• 11 000 graduates in 130 countries
• 200 companies in contact with the students
• 9 possible specializations in the PGE programme
• 58 students with an ‘Alternant’ status (vocational work/study programmes)
• 1 incubator and 15 concrete projects in 2014
• 9 300 internships and VIE contracts offered every year