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Florence Abendanon, recently graduated in MSc in International Business Development

Florence Abendanon
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Florence Abendanon chose to study at Clermont-Ferrand because her husband got offered a contract playing rugby with ASM Clermont-Auvergne. She wanted to take this opportunity to further her education through taking a masters degree.

I chose to study at Clermont-Ferrand because my husband and I had made the decision to move here after he got offered a contract playing rugby with ASM Clermont-Auvergne, the rugby team of Clermont-Ferrand.   Having worked for two years in the city in London, after graduating from the University of Manchester in England with a degree in Economic History and Economics, I wanted to take this opportunity to further my education through taking a masters degree.  The fact that ESC offered international courses taught in English was perfect for me!  It would give me the opportunity of studying in France whilst learning French alongside this.  As well as this, it would be a good way to meet new people.

I decided to apply for the MSc in International Business Development, as I was very interested in the broad range of subjects that would be taught, as well as the range of career options available after following such a course.  The fact that this course also involved an internship was also a big bonus for me  – as this would be an ideal opportunity to get at taste for working in a company in France, in a business development role.

My experience of this MSc has been a very positive one – the range of subjects taught and their content has been extrememly interesting and revelent, and I really like the way that all the classes have been very pratical and very relevent to working in a business environment.  There was a good mix of students on the course from many different cultures, so a great way to meet people.  I also really appreciated that french classes were integrated into the course, so I felt that my French language skills improved alot throughout.  I was also impressed that we had the opportunity to gain professional work experience before applying for our internships – I found this really valuable and insightful, and useful when looking for internships after.

Studying at ESC has been a great experience for me, and ideal for international students!