Research Agenda – Kierkegaard and Issues in Contemporary Ethics



The aim of this conference is to create a platform for exchange and dialogue with regard to ethical issues present in our contemporary societies, and to examine how existential philosophy can offer new perspectives for engaging with these issues.

While the fields of applied ethics tend toward increasing technicality and normativity, and existential philosophy is often seen as estranged from the concrete concerns of modernity, focussing uniquely on individual self-realisation, the combination of these approaches can offer innovative ways of rethinking our relationship to the technologies and practices that constitute our modern life-world. While remaining within the scope of philosophy, our objective is to encourage interdisciplinary and comparative models for the examination of concrete societal issues. Our view is that philosophy ought to be able to inform and enable us to better understand our daily life practices and grapple with the serious moral issues that affect our individual existences and shared social and physical environment.

We have deliberately chosen to take Kierkegaard out of the context of theology and Christian philosophy, and place his thought in parallel with contemporary issues which were quite alien to his day. Although it is certainly methodologically important to take into account the limits that such comparative studies entail, we are actively seeking proposals that draw out innovative approaches and themes within Kierkegaard research. Our aim is to gather together specialists in the field of Kierkegaard studies and existential philosophy also working on themes of applied and contemporary ethics. All papers should thus engage positively in attempting to show how Kierkegaard’s philosophy can shed new light on some of these contemporary issues.

This conference strives to promote maximum diversity amongst its participants. As such, we welcome submissions from scholars at all levels and from all methodological perspectives.


In order to promote further dialogue on the issue, a collective volume is planned on the conference theme. This volume is not intended to be a direct conference proceedings, but conference speakers are encouraged to submit full chapters for consideration. Scholars who may be interested in submitting a chapter but who are not participating in the conference should send a proposal with a provisory title and abstract by 1 May 2019.

Authors are requested to format their texts as simply as possible in Microsoft Word, using Times New Roman 12-point font, and using standard referencing procedures for Kierkegaard’s texts (to both the Danish Søren Kierkegaards Skrifter and the English translations of Kierkegaard’s Writings—ex. SKS 7, 295 / CUP1, 323.).

For all formatting, please follow the guidelines for the Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook and Monograph Series, available here:

Texts should not exceed 55000 signs (spaces and all footnotes included). All texts must be in English, and not-native speakers should have their texts corrected before submission. Authors should not use more than one level of sub-headings in their chapters.

All proposals, full papers and queries should be addressed to:

Full papers will need to be submitted by 31 July 2019, but early submissions are welcome. All submissions will be peer-reviewed before acceptance

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