A comprehensive guide on our programmes and application procedure

Studying abroad is a life-changing decision. We provide a comprehensive guide on the programmes our business school offers and the application formalities to help candidates best shape their study project and professional career.

Alternance Groupe ESC Clermont

What programme do you qualify for?

One of the first decisions that you must consider before studying abroad is your domain of interest. As well as interest of candidates, the programme of choice depends on their academic background.

Only one undergraduate programme – the Bachelor in International Management is offered in Groupe ESC Clermont. A high school diploma is required. The programme offers entry in year 1, year 2 and year 3.

As for postgraduate programmes, two kinds of offers are available:

 Master in Management (M1 + M2): 2-year Master’s degree that provides students with the necessary skills and experience to be fully operational as soon as they begin their career and to be ready to take on the top-level posts in Management. There are also various options in terms of academic exchanges, dual-degrees, internships, apprenticeships and gap year. A 3-year Bachelor is required to access this programme.

– Master of Science (M2): 1-year Master’s programme that is open to young graduates and professionals looking forward to becoming experts in a certain specialized field. There are four Master specializations: Project Management – International Commerce & Digital Marketing – Business Intelligence & Analytics – Control, Audit & Corporate Finance. A 4-year Bachelor is required.

All our programmes are taught 100% in English.

100% online-based applications for international students

The application process of our school has been developed in a way to meet the demands of international students. Students expect a procedure to be effective and simple. Our process is entirely online-based and can be easily completed with an electronic device.

  1. Students submit their applications through our application form
  2. Students are invited to complete an automated video application on the Visiotalent platform or do a skype interview

The areas that are evaluated in the automated or skype interview: educational background, motivation, accomplishments, interpersonal skills and future projection.

Academic terms and deadlines

Bachelor programme: September intake. Deadline to apply: 30th of June

Master in Management programme: September intake. Deadline to apply: 30th of June

Master of Science programmes: October intake. Deadline to apply: 30th of July. Only the MSc. in International Commerce & Digital Marketing offers a January intake.

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