A new Master of Science to tackle the issues of the climate crisis

As we are not experiencing a simple “environmental crisis” and that much deeper transformations mark our new geological and climatic era – the Anthropocene -, we are forced to rethink all our economic, industrial and social activities from top to bottom.

This programme aims at training students to help any company or organization to design strategies to align its activities with our global boundaries. Students will learn how to design and conduct new forms of field surveys to understand critical situations (ecosystem change, resource collapse, shortage, humanitarian and social crisis,…). They will acquire new skills to implement transition policies in organizations so that they can carry out proactive, rapid and effective ecological redirections. They will also be trained in the processes, methods and techniques that enable them to design desirable futures within tight ecological, climatic and social constraints.

Starting in September 2020, courses will be given by both faculties of the ESC Clermont BS and Strate School of Design but will take place in Lyon, in Strate’s newly located campus in the thriving “Confluences” neighborhood of our regional capital.


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