A visit from our significant Moroccan partner ENCG Settat

We had a very joyful visit of Mme. Fatima MOUSLIK last week, Head of Communication and International Relations at ENCG SETTAT.

Moroccan Partner Groupe ESC Clermont

ENCG SETTAT tops the ranking of the best Moroccan management schools according to Campus Mag Magazine. In addition, ENCG SETTAT is also among the top 5 Moroccan business school in the Ranking Table about the Excellent Business Schools, with the 4th place. 

To establish a good partnership between educational institutions, communication and interaction are the keys. Thanks to the mutual promotion and stimulation, the collaboration between ESC Clermont and ENCG SETTAT is getting closer and bigger. As Mme. MOUSLIK said when she discussed with us at the International Office of ESC Clermont, there are truly more and more Moroccan students who want to come to study at Clermont, it is the best proof for the quality of training at ESC Clermont and for the efficiency of our partnership.

Moroccan students from ENCG SETTAT are accessible to dual-degrees by spending part of their study period in ENCG SETTAT and stay in France for a part of their study course, and of course complete all academic credits. This is one of the most popular programmes for students from ENCG SETTAT.

The exchange students from ENCG SETTAT of the precedent years who came to ESC Clermont excelled in finding an internship. The companies or organizations where they carried out their internships are very diversiform, such as SNCF, some dynamic start-up companies, and some multi-national firms like L’OREAL, Danone, Michelin…

The cooperative relationship between ENCG SETTAT and ESC Clermont Group is very prosperous and both of us are looking forward widening our partnership to more diversified programmes and research projects.