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Expansion of the ESC Clermont BS campus

Have you heard about our ‘Campus Trudaine’? With this extension project of more than 3,000 m², ESC Clermont Business School intends to offer a pleasant living and teaching environment to all the school’s stakeholders: students, teachers, learners, employees, incubates and partners!

«TRUDAINE CAMPUS XL » : a virtual visit to live the experience

The project of expansion is part of the development strategy and the engagement to welcome 2,000 students on site.

An extension will be covering 3,000 additional m² of campus facilities, still ideally located in the city center.

But what will this new generation campus look like?
Dive into the heart of a business school open to the world of tomorrow!

« TRUDAINE CAMPUS XL », what you need to know :

The campus extension will house new modular teaching rooms, in line with the new challenges and methods of innovative and interactive learning.

An entire floor will be dedicated to student life with a dining and relaxation area, open workspaces, outdoor area, patio and rooftop. These spaces will offer a studying, living and working environment in line with the values of the School. 

Entrepreneurs incubated in our SquareLab open-incubator and professionals pursuing executive education will also benefit from this extension by moving into new spaces designed to get an interdisciplinary view and facilitate the acquisition of new skills.

Spaces for reinforcing innovation, cooperation and professional integration will be created to encourage a culture that is open and conducive to exchanges.

Finally, the campus extension is going to be environmentally friendly with an E3C1 Energy-Carbon rating and BREEAM certification!

The new campus in a glace :

    • A state of the art campus in the city center
    • Innovative teaching facilities creating a classroom environment conducive to learning
    • A campus that facilitates generational and cultural diversity
    • A campus that adheres to environmental standards

Roof Top - Campus 2022

Crédits photos : Bouygues construction – CRR Écritures architecturales – Pyralis

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