Alumni Association. Putting the spotlight on the ESC Clermont BS Abroad

During the month of February, the ESC Clermont BS Alumni Association is organising two major events that will certainly be of interest to students interested in an international career. Many of our graduates are enjoying successful careers abroad and are pleased to perpetuate the School’s family sprit by sharing the amazing wealth of skills and knowledge drawn from their studies and professional experiences with you.


First stopover: “The Graduates’ Round the World Tour”.

Brazil, Cambodia, South Africa, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Guadeloupe, Luxembourg, Mexico, Switzerland, UK, USA, Vietnam…

20 international ambassadors of the Alumni Association based in the 4 corners of the world will be participating in a global visio-conference on Thursday 11th February to exchange and share their experiences with you.

The conference will shed light on the real opportunities available for working abroad. The aim is to open the horizons of as many students as possible by organizing two consecutive stopovers, the first between 1 and 2pm and the second between 6 and 7pm.

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Next stopover NEW YORK: An inspiring interview with two alumni.

The Americas and Excellence Club Network is organising an exceptional meeting on Saturday February 3 at 8pm French time, and 2pm NY time, for students and alumni of the School, with testimonials from two inspiring graduates who live and work in New York City.

– Cédric Prouvé – Class of 1982

International President of Estée Lauder, a world leader in luxury cosmetics, with products sold in over 150 countries and a workforce of around 48,000 employees.

– Emmanuel André – Promo 1990

CTO of the Publicis Group (Publicis Groupe draws on its assets in data, creation, media, and technology to offer its clients highly innovative services that radically transform the relationship they have with their consumers). 80,000 employees work for this French group in over 100 countries.

During an interview led by Jean-Yves Sabot, a 1995 graduate and Head of the Americas Network, Cedric and Emmanuel will share their experiences of the year 2020 and look back on what they have put in place for employees and consumers to better bounce back in 2021.

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