Departure process for exchange/dual-degree

The international departure is conditioned by academic and linguistic criteria, in particular the results obtained in language tests (TOEFL, Spanish tests …). The international office accompanies students in the validation of their projects to study abroad, helping them to meet all the necessary requirements and prepare a successful international experience.

Information sessions: Step 1

At the beginning of each year or semester, information sessions are offered to students regarding the various different programmes and options available. The list of partner institutions is also communicated to students. This list is reviewed every year and is subject to change.

Application form to go abroad: Step 2

Application forms are sent to students after the information sessions in Step 1. Students will be given a deadline to return completed application forms, along with all the required supporting documents. Destination choices are registered and preferences ranked from 1 to 10.

Decision of the Board: Step 3

Each completed Application form will be examined by a Selection Board, composed of members of the International Office, Professors and Programme Directors. Students meeting all the criteria will be offered a choice of destinations by the Selection Board.

Nomination: Step 4

After confirmation by the student of their final choice, the International Office will send the partner university a list of all the selected students nominated for an exchange period abroad in their host institution.

Applying to Partner universities: Step 5

Applications to partner universities can be completed on-line or in person in the International Office, before the fixed deadline.

Important: The partner university reserves the right to accept or reject any student application at its total discretion. It is not possible for students to apply for another institution once they have confirmed their final chosen destination.

Letter of Acceptance: Step 6

All students who are accepted by a partner university will receive a letter of acceptance. The original of the latter should be conserved as it may have to be presented when applying for a visa in some countries.

Important : Students will not incur any fees before the receipt of an acceptance letter.

The mail before departure: Step 7

Along with the letter of acceptance, the International Office will send students other useful information to help with the preparation of their departure.