Departure process for exchange/dual-degree

Information sessions : Stage 1

In the beginning of each year or semester, information sessions will be offered to the students of the different programmes in order to explain the details for going abroad which are represented in the possible destinations and the requirements to apply for the exchange semester or the Dual-degree. It is important to note that the list of partner institutions is reviewed every year and is subject to change.


The preparation of the File to go abroad : Stage 2

 Application files are sent to the students by the International Office. Students will be given a deadline to return the file completed, along with all the supporting documents.

The choices of the destinations are to be registered in an order of preference from 1 to 10, as well as the desired degree and the language of the Programme.

Important note: No application will be considered after passing the specified deadlines. Students who have not fulfilled the payments of their tuition fees or social security will not be eligible for exchange or dual-degree programs.


The Decision of the Committee : Step 3

Each completed Application file will be examined by a selection committee which includes the International Office, Professors and Directors of the Programmes.

Students meeting all the selection criteria will be offered a choice of destination by the Committee. Places available vary from one school to another, so the places will be allocated on a merit-basis.

At the end of the selection procedure, the International Office will send an individual email to each student to inform them of the decision of the Commission. The student must then confirm or appeal the decision through an email to the International Office before the given date, before the nomination phase.


Nomination : Phase 4

After confirmation by the student, the International Office of ESC Clermont will send the partner university a list of the selected students nominated for an exchange semester abroad, a year abroad or a dual-program.

The partner university will inform the students about the application deadlines and their own selection criteria. Each student will then have to complete the partner university’s materials which shall be processed by the partner university.

NB: The partner university reserves the right to accept or reject student applications.


Applying to Partner universities : phase 5

To complete your application, the International Bureau can provide, upon request of the host university:

  • Grade transcripts
  • Certificate of nomination
  • Your GPA score.

The earlier the candidate completes his/her application, the sooner that they would receive their letter of acceptance and therefore proceed with the next steps including the visa application.

Important note: It is not possible for students to apply for another institution once they have confirmed their chosen destination.


Letter of Acceptance : Phase 6

All students who are accepted by the partner university will receive a letter of acceptance. The delivery of the letter is subject to delay in case there was a delay in the submission of the Application file by the student.

The original copy of the letter of acceptance in necessary to present when applying for the visa for some countries. While the original document is going to be sent through post to the students, a copy of it will be sent to the International Office through email.

Important note: Do not bear any fees before the receipt of the acceptance letter.


The mail before departure : Phase 7

Along with the letter of acceptance, the International Office will send the student:

  • The list of tutors: to keep
  • An official letter, with guidelines and obligations: to be read carefully
  • An Erasmus study contract or non-Erasmus study contract, the choice of courses: to keep
  • A declaration of honor: to return to the International Office before departure