Dublin Digital Week : one week in Europe’s digital capital

Newly arrived students of ESC Clermont BS’ Bachelor Program in Digital Communication and E-Business recently enjoyed an exceptional visit of Europe’s major digital capital, the city of Dublin. Their trip included company visits to the head offices of world-renowned companies, meetings with expatriate ESC Clermont BS alumni as well as cultural excursions!

Ireland has developed an expertise in digital and data hosting. It is home to nearly fifty data centers and its capital, Dublin, hosts the headquarters of some of the world’s major digital companies.

Exposure to international experience is one of the main features of the E-Business program and the trip, which was organized in the first month of the school year, was designed to give students the opportunity to discover international companies and organizations for themselves.

A tailor-made program, oriented towards business and digital culture

The students were accompanied by the academic head of their program, Delphine RICHAGNEUX and the Head of the ESC Clermont BS’ bachelor’s programs, Anne PATS. The week started with a visit of one of the ESC’s partner-schools; Dublin Business School, where they had the opportunity to discover the campus and attend a conference on digital.

The group went on to visit the headquarters of prestigious international companies including :  Indeed,  PayPal, Kellogg’s, Oracle, and Microsoft. The students were given a unique opportunity to discover the infrastructure and backstage facilities of these large groups (modern architecture, sports facilities, co-working spaces, etc.) and get some inside advice as well as tailor-made presentations thanks to ESC Clermont BS alumni, who are currently working there.

An unforgettable experience to encourage emulation

This trip not only gave students the opportunity to be totally immersed in an English-speaking environment, but also gave them an extremely valuable career experience. Through contact with graduates living in Dublin and visits to companies, their vision of the world of work has grown and expanded, offering them new perspectives and new sources of motivation!

Finally, as part of this educational trip, the students were able to create new links with each other and take advantage of the tourist attractions of this lively capital, which is full of culture and creativity.

Did you know that?

At ESC Clermont BS, international studies are an integral part of the curriculum. Each student can gain international experience via internships, summer schools, a semester, or a year of study abroad in one of our 100 partner campuses…

International culture is omnipresent and essential in a Business School, both in terms of language skills and the acquisition of a transculturality. In the second year of the Bachelor program, all students must pass at least one TOEFL test, and a minimum score of 790 on the TOEIC is compulsory to graduate from the Master in Management Program.

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