ENBS and NIBES Networks

Parallel to its bilateral activities, the ESC is a fully active member of two international networks.

The ESC is a founding member of the ENBS consortium (European Network of Business Schools) with 12 European member Institutions (Universities and Business School’s). ESC Clermont was in charge of the executive vice-presidency from 1998-2014 and is now secretary and treasurer for the consortium. The EMBS network is currently revamping its internal structure and preparing the way for future collaborative projects. www.embs-consortium.com

The ESC is also an active member of the NIBES network (Network of International Business and Economic Schools) with a total of 20 member institutions based in 8 continents. www.nibes.org

As part of our centenary year, the Groupe ESC Clermont hosts the
annual meeting of the NIBES network, 2-5 july 2019.

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