Financial Times 2022 Ranking : ESC Clermont Business School ranked among the top 100

ESC Clermont BS offers one of the world’s top 100 ranking Masters in Management programmes, according to the Financial Times’ 2022 Business School league tables.

Following its survey of Business Schools and their graduates of the class of 2019, the Financial Times published today its 2022 ranking of the best Masters in Management, which places ESC Clermont BS in 93rd position.

In France, our Masters Programme is ranked 19th amongst the best post-foundation degree masters course, and is positioned at the top of the ranking regarding several satisfaction criteria:

  • 2nd for the “aims achieved” criterion;
  • 2nd for the return on investment (“value for money”) criterion;
  • 7th for the “overall satisfaction” criterion.

This Financial Times ranking reflects our School’s growing performance over the last few years and places ESC Clermont BS in the top tier of French Management Schools. The three satisfaction criteria on which our graduates placed the School at the top reflect their personal and professional fulfilment and prove that our ‘Make Sense’ promise has been upheld.

We are very proud to rank amongst the Top 100 worldwide Business Schools.  This result confirms our progress in national and international rankings and shows that our unique positioning as a local school with a global reach has every pertinence in the higher education landscape. Over and beyond this ranking, the mobilization and the degree of satisfaction of our graduates are what we strive every day to achieve and means everything to all the highly dedicated teams at ESC Clermont BS ” says Richard SOPARNOT, Dean of ESC Clermont BS.

We are very proud to rank amongst the Top 100 worldwide Business Schools.  

Richard SOPARNOT Dean of
ESC Clermont BS
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