ESC Clermont Business School present in 3 international conferences

The business school takes part in three major international events during the months of September and October: the EAIE in Finland, Destination France in Lebanon and Destination France in Egypt.

International Conferences | ESC Clermont Business School

EAIE: Helsinki, Finland

The 31st edition of Europe’s largest higher education conference connecting different institutions located worldwide to discuss collaboration projects, student and faculty exchange, conjoint programmes and to share recent updates.

Discussions were held with a record of 40 different universities. Among those collaboration projects that ESC Clermont Business School focused is the development of new double-degree possibilities with accredited partners on the Bachelor level (the University of Vaasa – EPAS accredited, Orebro University – AACSB accredited and Heilbronn University – EPAS accredited) as well as the Master’s level with accredited universities in Australia and Québec, Canada.

One of the highlights that ESC Clermont is proud to share with its partners is the obtention of the EPAS accreditation for its Bachelor programme earlier this year and the ongoing process to work towards the obtention of the AMBA accreditation. Two of ESC Clermont’s partners have also obtain the AACSB accreditation this year as well: Orebro University in Sweden, University of Turku in Finland.

Destination France: Beirut, Lebanon and Cairo, Egypt

‘Portes de l’Orient’ referring to the The Gates to the Middle East is an initiative launched by Campus France in order to promote France as a study destination to two major Middle Eastern destinations: Lebanon and Egypt. ESC Clermont participated in both events to promote its programmes to the Lebanese and Egyptian students and to establish partnerships with local institutions. Strong ties have been developed with Campus France offices, French embassies, student recruitment agencies and universities in both countries.