ESC Clermont officially becomes a member of UC2A network

On March 28th 2018, Mathias Bernard, president of the University of Clermont Auvergne, and Françoise Roudier, Director of Groupe ESC Clermont have signed the agreement which formalized the official membership of ESC Clermont in the assembly of University of Clermont Auvergne and Associates (UC2A).

Françoise Roudier - UC2A Groupe ESC Clermont

The link between these two entities is growing stronger and a new dimension of cooperation is created.

Research collaborations

In 2018, the creation of a joint research laboratory in science of management between ESC Clermont and the University of Management – IAE Auvergne has formed the first step of this research cooperation. Now the Research Center in Management and Administration of Clermont is co-financed by these two entities. For the moment there are about fifty teacher-researchers and forty doctoral students.

Three axes are highlighted for the fields of research in management:

* Human Potential, Organization, Innovation;

* Finance, Information and Corporate Responsibility;

* Strategy, Territories and Networks of Actors.

Most recently, ESC Clermont planned to offer an opportunity for certain Master students who are interested in pursuing their academic research and PhD. Degrees.

An agreement about the creation of a bridge between the Master Grande Ecole and the doctoral training of the CRCGM was signed in 2017.

This convention offers ESC Clermont Group students the opportunity to follow a programme of complementary courses at the CRCGM during their second year of Master, which allows them to apply to a PhD degree the following year.

An approach of regional unification

This new agreement marks the official membership to the Council of Associated Institutions of UC2A, the ESC Clermont Group joins three other local universities, SIGMA, VETAGRO and ENSACF. This event contributes a lot to the university dynamism in order to amplify the influence of the higher education in the Auvergne region.

This approach is part of the policy of regional unification, with the harmonization of some student services, the stimulation of joint research activities or prospective reflections on the global offer of training on the networks that will eventually widen the fields of collaboration.

This agreement is the illustration of a common desire to develop this region.

The UCA and ESC Clermont have always been committed to broadening and strengthening their links with the local ecosystem to foster the development, whether with partner institutions of higher education in Clermont-Ferrand or with the business world.

About UC2A

University of Clermont Auvergne & Associates, around Clermont Auvergne University, there are a group of institutions, in accordance with article L718-16, created by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (2013-660) on July 22nd, 2013, whose goal is to ensure the visibility and attractiveness of the network of Clermont Universities on an international scale.

The main mission for this organization is to maximize collaborations between its members and to ensure the influence of the network of higher education and academic research in Clermont-Ferrand.

With a wide range of disciplines covered by all signatory institutions in terms of training, and a substantial system of research and development structures on the region, this new organization is positioned in the top 20 of national university centers.