ESC + E2C = ERS, interview with Robin Jund, Director of the Second Chance School (E2C) of the Puy-de-Dôme.

What is ERS from your point of view?

In my opinion, but it is probably a deformation related to the Second Chance School, it is a “social” aspect that best defines ERS, in the sense that companies have a significant impact on society. It is by providing the best possible support for men and women, both for sustainable development issues and employment or professional training (and it is training that interests us here as E2C), that this impact on society will be positive. In my opinion, the E2C is totally linked to ERS, especially since one of its missions, in addition to socio-professional integration or emancipation, is also to educate people for life as citizens.

How did Groupe ESC Clermont and E2C come together? Is there a common ERS model?

Hamid Berkani, who had already contributed in 2003 by setting up the E2C in the Allier (among the first in France) and was elected to the Chamber of Commerce of the Puy-de-Dôme, wanted to extend the system in each of the departments of the former Auvergne Region as early as 2006. As far as Clermont-Ferrand is concerned, it has naturally moved closer to Groupe ESC Clermont, since it was run by the Chamber of Commerce. This is all the more logical because whilst Groupe ESC Clermont trains future managers-creators of companies, E2C trains future employees. This ERS model therefore makes it possible to bring the two worlds closer together as soon as possible. Although this is a very pertinent ERS model, it is not a common model, since only two E2Cs (including the one in Puy-de-Dôme) in France are backed by Business Schools.

In what way(s) do the 2 structures mutually enrich each other today?

Until a few years ago, the support provided to the E2C 63 by Groupe ESC Clermont was mainly administrative and financial. But for the past three years, we have been working actively to bring us closer together, in particular by adding an educational aspect. Thus, some young people in the E2C do professional internships in the various Groupe ESC Clermont services or receive tutoring from Professors and/or administrative staff. In addition, Groupe ESC Clermont students and young people from E2C meet about once a term during informal occasions, such as breakfasts. To extend this idea, we are considering setting up tutoring for young people by students, for example for simulations of recruitment interviews, CV support, etc., always with a view to mutual contribution and collaboration.

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