Facebook Live Week

Get to discover all of the programmes offered by ESC Clermont BS and gain insights about studying in France: specializations, internships career prospects, and many more topics!

bourses internationales | ESC Clermont Business School

22/06/2020 to 26/06/2020

Facebook Live Week

The live sessions will take place on the facebook page ESC Clermont Business School – International (https://www.facebook.com/escclermontinternational/).The full programme (in French time GMT+1) will be as follows:

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Monday 22nd of June:

  • 12:00 : Bachelor in International Management – Presented by Head of Programme Angeline Pinglot
  • 13:00 : MSc. in Business Intelligence – Presented by Head of Programme Sébastien Douaillat

Tuesday 23rd of June:

  • 12:00 : Presentation of ESC Clermont by Head of International Relations Audrey Esteves and Academic Dean Richard Soparnot
  • 13:00 : MSc. in Corporate Finance – Presented by Head of Programme Aymen Turki
  • 14:00 : MSc. in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management avec Pierre Alsac

Wednesday 24th of June :

  • 13:00 : Life in France – Presented by ESC Clermont BS students
  • 14:00 : MSc. in Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene with Alexandre Monnin

Thursday 25th of June :

  • 13:00 : Presentation of Master in Management by Head of Programme Sébastien Douaillat
  • 14:00 : MSc. in Transforming Mobility with Head of programme Florence Puiseux

Friday 26th of June :

  • 12:00 : Student life with International Student Community association
  • 13:00 : MSc. in International Commerce & Digital Marketing with Head of programme Balazs Siklos
  • 14:00 : MSc. in Project Management with Head of programme Sébastien Douaillat

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