The management and organisation of the faculty is central to the strategy to attain scientific, academic and professional excellence to be put to the service of our students, companies and organisations. Since its creation, Group ESC Clermont has been known for the quality of its education delivered through a unique proximity that the researchers and teachers have with the students to ensure their future professional and personal success. The permanent and associate professors are organised around four academic and research departments:

Understanding of the World department
Disciplines: Economics, Statistics, Law, Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Philosophy, Civilizations and Cultures

  • Pilar Aguirre Cavero
  • Fabrice Bien
  • Valme Blanco
  • Daniela Borodak
  • Helga Foore-Joopen
  • Mélissa Fox-Muraton
  • Diego Landivar
  • Kevin Metz
  • Mary Vigier

Innovation and Devlopment Department
Disciplines : Strategy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

  • Anne Albert
  • Emmanuel Bonnet
  • Pascale Borel
  • Catherine Dos Santos
  • Jean-Baptiste Gallié
  • Anne Gougé
  • Pham Nguyen
  • Françoise Roudier
  • Balázs Siklós
  • Cédrine Zumbo-Lebrument

Performance Analysis department.
Disciplines : Corporate Finance, Accounting, Audit, Management Control, Market Finance

  • Mahassen Aissa
  • Christelle Chaplais
  • Nouzha El Khomssi-Sahnoun
  • Papa Ibra Kebe
  • Sophie Marmorat
  • Joëlle Randriamiarana
  • Yves Rannou

Men & Competitivity department
Disciplines : Human Resources, Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics

  • Emilie Bargues
  • Marina Bourgain
  • Jean-Claude Casalegno
  • Arnaud Gorgeon
  • Pascal Hortefeux
  • Marc Lecoutre
  • Pascal Legrand
  • Brigitte Nivet
  • Angeline Pinglot
  • Pierre Piré-Lechalard
  • Marc-André Vilette