Financing options and scholarship schemes for international students

Studying in Europe is a life-changing decision that offers students a thrilling experience in terms of quality of education, international exposure, cultural offer and career development opportunities. The major challenge remains the cost associated with it.

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European organizations represented in universities, governmental and private institutions are fuly aware of this dilemma and they have developed different financing options and scholarship systems that have been supporting thousands of students coming to Europe each year.

We will shed lights on two scholarship schemes that can support international students in reducing the burden of the tuition fees and living costs.

Foundation of ESC Clermont Business School

One of the main axes of the foundation is social openness and equality of opportunities. The business school aims to remove financial obstacles for talented students facing financial difficulties. Those students are provided with funding to be able to complete their programme in the best conditions. In two years, the Foundation has supported 128 students for a total amount of 172 300 €. The foundation scholarship possibility is one among many scholarship options that are offered by the business school.


The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

The Eiffel scholarship was established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs aiming to financially support foreign students to enroll in masters and PhD programs in France. It allows French higher education institutions to attract top students.

ESC Clermont welcomed the first recipient of the prestigious Eiffel scholarship in 2018, a student coming from Nicaragua. In 2019, two enrolled students from Pakistan and Thailand succeeded in obtaining the same scholarship.

The scholarship consists of a monthly allowance of €1,181 (a maintenance allowance of €1,031 and a monthly stipend of €150). In addition, the program covers various benefits including a round-trip international ticket, Health insurance and cultural activities. The tuition fees however have to be covered by the students themselves.

How to apply for the Eiffel scholarship program?

  • Express interest in the scholarship and send your CV to our International Relations Office for review to verify the eligibility.
  • In case eligible, apply to one of ESC Clermont’s Master programmes on the applications portal and complete the video application which follows.
    • When applying, you must mention the following elements in your CV: GPA, GPA (cumulative), distinction, your ranking according total number of students and the date of obtention of the diploma.
    • You must also mention the following elements in your motivation letter: Explanation of your professional project while clarifying the choice of studying in France and choosing the programme that you are applying for as well as your future career plans.
  • The application will be evaluated by the Head of programme and the Admissions Committee.
  • In case accepted, ESC Clermont will proceed with the Eiffel application on your behalf.