Entrepreneurship dynamics

The Labs lie at the heart of our School vision and are a major innovation. Their purpose is to improve the employability and professionalisation of students and learners through academic and educational excellence.

The SquareLab is the Groupe ESC Clermont Incubator. Created in 2013, its main purpose is to encourage the creation of innovative businesses by building awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation through training, mentoring and networking.

In its first two years, it has proved its worth (30 incubated projects, 8 companies created, 24 mentors, etc.) both within the School for the benefit of our students and in the local ecosystem.


Do you share the philosophy of our educational vision where entrepreneurial spirit and the dynamics of creativity and innovation permeate our programmes?

By providing SquareLab with new funding, you will be a stakeholder in these dynamics which create value and future jobs, through:

  • The hardware, software and licences needed to conduct projects/create start-ups
  • The awarding of annual “Start’Up” grants to incubated students
  • The extension and fitting-out of the SquareLab open space

In supporting the SquareLab, you will be encouraging the creation of innovative businesses by stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit of project leaders. The School will also be able to move on to its second phase involving scaling up this structuring tool which conveys our image and is attractive to applicants for our entrance examination.

Our incubator is an integral part of the regional fabric in the Auvergne supporting the creation of businesses and innovation, alongside the BUSI “Loi Allègre” incubator and players like ARDTA, maison INNOVERGNE and CLERCO. Collaborations have also been developed with the Cluster Auvergne TIC, the Association e-commerce Auvergne (located on our premises) and the project accelerator RSE Epicentre. The SquareLab also acts as a consultant within the PEPITE Centre and opens up its training workshops to student entrepreneurs from the Auvergne (Auvergne Student Entrepreneurship Centre).