Integration into the workplace

Ever mindful of providing its students with a reliable passport to employment, the School is confident that it can guide each student “to the first job, at the highest level”.

This aim is embedded in our educational vision and is a key focus achieved through two major avenues:

  • Training content tested against the opinion of business professionals (with a School-Business co-construction for certain sector pathways and professions).
  • The creation of the JobLab

The JobLab came into being in early 2016 and brings together all the tools, actions and events aimed at achieving the “First job, at the highest level” goal, in particular:

  • Job Marketing tools (CV, cover letter, e-recruitment, preparation for individual or group interviews in French or English, use of social networks, etc.)
  • Pre-recruitment and recruitment processes for interns, work-study students and junior executives
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Vocational and personality tests, etc.
  • Administrative management of students’ work experience

It is made up of 5 members of staff, under the responsibility of the Economic Development Department.






Are you, like us, witnessing a labour market overcrowded with Master’s degrees, a market in which a degree from a Grande Ecole – however prestigious – does not guarantee a job?

By contributing to the JobLab:

  • You will be directly involved in improving the academic pathways which ultimately aim to ensure all of our students find a job and you will in fact be helping to reinforce the School’s image as a “sound investment”
  • You will be providing the Groupe ESC Clermont with an original and attractive scheme with a distinctive edge (for students, applicants, the media, etc.)
  • You will have the satisfaction of contributing to a fledgling scheme, currently being implemented (2016)

The funds raised for the key focus “Integration into the Workplace/JobLab” will be primarily used to provide students with individual support regarding acquiring job marketing tools and the suitability of their career objectives.