Social Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We share the idea that social diversity is one of the key aspects of social emancipation. For over ten years, the growing number of social diversity schemes has enriched the practices of social and cultural mixing, a reflection we believe of how we train our students to be intellectually, socially, culturally and emotionally agile. Students with unconventional profiles are welcome in our establishment. We actively encourage them to join us, provided they have the skills they need to obtain our degrees.

It is our policy to identify and support gifted and promising students who are financially or socially disadvantaged, possibly due to social diversity and/or disability issues. The action focuses on the following three areas: access to training, support during the training programme and integration into the workplace.


Would you like to help a self-motivated student who has performed well in the entrance examination and who needs a little help with financing their course until they graduate?

By providing financial support to the « Vise haut pour aller loin, tu as du talent » (“Aim high to go far, you have talent” ), solidarity fund, you will be providing a student from the School with direct help as they will be able to receive:

  • A scholarship corresponding to a partial or full exemption from the tuition fees
  • And/or an interest-free loan

By contributing to the Trudaine “Aim high to go far, you have talent” solidarity fund:

  • You will have the satisfaction of actually helping a gifted student join the School and achieve success up to graduation
  • You will be proud to have helped maintain the recruitment level by supporting students whose financial circumstances prevent them from pursuing higher education in a Grande Ecole
  • You will be given fully transparent feedback on the students helped each year by the Trudaine solidarity fund