Groupe ESC Clermont is an independent, private, non-profit association with a Governance structure composed of 26 members and 2 separate bodies:

1)The Management/Executive board (Directoire): composed of 11 members from the corporate world, including 7 members of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and a representative from the City of Clermont-Ferrand, meeting every 2 months under the leadership of the elected President. The role of the Executive Board is to control and oversee the Institution’s strategic development. The Dean has a permanent guest status.

2)The Supervisory Board (Conseil de Surveillance): composed of 17 members, including 4 members from the regional Chambers of Commerce, 8 members from the corporate world, one Alumni representative and 4 full-time staff representatives. The Dean again has a permanent guest status. This body is responsible for management and financial controlling and can issue advisory opinions. Its members meet 2 to 3 times a year.

The Institution is managed by the Dean/Director General, supported by a team of senior executives who constitute the Management Committee, with responsibility for the overall strategic and operational management of the School. In addition to the Supervisory and Executive Boards, six main consultative and decision-making bodies contribute to the smooth running of our Institution.