Groupe ESC Clermont obtains EPAS accreditation for its Bachelor in Management International Programme

Following a process initiated at the end of 2017 and an audit conducted at the end of 2018, the ESC Clermont Group has been awarded the EPAS accreditation for its Bachelor in International Management programme by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

AACSB and EPAS, a double international accreditation

After AACSB (granted and regularly renewed since 2006), EPAS is the second international accreditation to be obtained by Groupe ESC Clermont. EPAS is awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), the largest accreditation agency in Europe. EFMD – which has now granted EPAS accreditation to 19 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in France – noted in its report that Groupe ESC Clermont’s Bachelor programme was “above the required standards” in terms of:

   – internationalization, with a 3-year career path that prepares students to become responsible managers in a global environment (notably via a full year abroad);
   – links with high value-added companies in line with principles of “common values and mutual cooperation”, which can be found at all levels: from governance to financing and through participation in teaching;
   – personalized development coaching with a “student-centric” approach

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If the EFMD awarded its accreditation for the quality of our Bachelor programme itself, it also recognised the relevance of Groupe ESC Clermont’s strategic plan, reinforcing its position amongst the best Business Schools in France.

With this new accreditation granted for 3 years, the Groupe ESC Clermont will pursue its multiple accreditation strategy as part of its quality assurance policy and the deployment of its strategic plan “Cap 2022 – Vision 2025”. The development of the School’s national
and international attractiveness is indeed a key issue.

Opened in 2007, the Bachelor programme has graduated more than 1,200 students, 85% of whom have obtained a double-degree in partner universities. As from 2019, the programme is accessible for French students through the Atout+3 competitive examination route, via a registration on Parcoursup, and remains accessible via the Groupe ESC Clermont’s dedicated on-line application page for international students.

Françoise Roudier, Dean & General Director, Groupe ESC Clermont:

“Groupe ESC Clermont’s Bachelor of International Management currently holds the highest level of national (MESRI Visa for a maximum duration of 5 years, RNCP) and international (AACSB and EPAS) recognition, placing our School at the top of 3-year Bachelor programmes in France. That’s one very nice “converted try” scored during our centenary year!”