Groupe ESC Clermont opens its first campus in China

Groupe ESC Clermont’s brand new campus was inaugurated in April by our Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and officials from the Guangdong district, in China. This marks a new phase in our Business School’s international development.

With this new campus, Groupe ESC Clermont aims to develop its academic and research programs in a thriving offshore region, close to a high-tech capital of the world. The campus is housed inside the Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Technology College (GDPST) in Zhuhai, a top 40 Higher Vocational College*. Zhuhai itself is well-known as a science and tech city of southeastern China. Located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and the « Chinese Riviera », Zhuhai is ideally located next to Macao and within  two hour  of Hong-King, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

One hundred undergraduate Chinese students have already enrolled in our joint program ran in collaboration with GDPST. Thanks to this joint program, French students enrolled in our Bachelor and Master programs will be able to study for one semester in Zhuhai next year. Our DBA program, opening in 2020, will also start a collaborative working relationship with local university professors from the district.

These programs are consistent with the Higher Education policy in China, focussed on international and professionalized curricula. They also clearly demonstrate how Groupe ESC Clermont has actively pursued its internationalisation and successfully set up international partnerships since 1949. Today, almost a third of students at Groupe ESC Clermont come from all around the world, currently representing 53 different nationalities.

* According to CASEE (Center for the Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education) and RCCSE (Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation)