Groupe ESC Clermont signs a new partnership with le coq sportif

On the 17th of May 2019, Groupe ESC Clermont and Lecoq Sportif formalized their collaboration through a partnership agreement. Lecoq Sportif one of the world’s leading brands, renowned for its clothing, footwear and sporting equipment.

An agreement revolving around a new programme

The partnership has been established during the development of a new Master’s degree programme « Innovation and Sports Management » offered by Groupe ESC Clermont. It was facilitated by Anne Pats the Head of the Sports Management programmes. Lecoq Sportif supported and endorsed the accreditation demand to the Conference of Grandes Ecoles and validated by the French association.

Two centenary yet agile structures

The agreement represents the first of its kind that Lecoq Sportif makes with a French (Grande Ecole).  

During the signature ceremony, Jean-Philippe Sionneau and Evelyne Deneys, (Head of Communication and Director of Human Resources respectively) stressed on the importance of the two fundamental values that brought the structures closer together: proximity to the territory and a deep desire to support sportsmen and women, whether they are professionals, amateurs or enthusiasts.

In terms of professional integration, the collaboration translates into a privileged access to internships, apprenticeships and jobs given to the students of the school.

The partnership covers other areas of cooperation:

  • Provide support to the student associations of the business school.
  • Organize pedagogical visits carried out by the students to the production units of Lecoq Sportif.
  • Organize common events and conferences.
  • Share experiences and expertise through meetings between athletes and students.

The demand for quality and projection towards the future are therefore the driving forces behind this collaboration, which targets a whole new generation of students for whom, as Le Coq Sportif highlights, “Everyday a victory is possible”.