IKEA welcomes our Master of Science students for a visit to the Clermont store

In a visit allowing students to experience the IKEA world in terms of vision, operations, management styles, culture values, the store in Clermont received our MSc. students.

The visit was animated by the Store Manager Ms. Queralt Bros. IKEA’s competitive advantage is derived from its unique vision of creating a better everyday life for people. The company adapts a (democratic design), a model it developed that starts by understanding the people’s needs and that focuses on quality, form, function, sustainability, all at an affordable price. IKEA has standards and culture values that assure all the previous factors are secured with their highest levels, those standards and values are common for each store, with an adaption of the final product to the target market assuring attractiveness as well.

The brand is also very conscious when it comes to environmental issues, it is always taking every measure to minimize the environmental impact that its operations cause earning it the title of the 2nd most sustainable brand according to the Sustainable Brand Index – 2017. The store located in Clermont-Ferrand is a notable example, the full store consumes less energy than that of a home. That is due to the implementation of various renewable sources of energy as usage of solar panels and recycling.

This visit comes a week later after IKEA Clermont-Ferrand has also received our Bachelor students to provide them with a presentation about the store, its products and operations.