International student trip, Happy Break..: A look into the student life in Clermont

It is for various reasons that Clermont is ranked among the best student cities in France. One of those principal reasons relates to the dynamic student life in the city. October has not come to an end yet, three important student events took place during the month.

International student trip: More than 160 of our international students had the chance to blend into the French culture by exploring the countryside in a region that is famous for its scenery, greenspace and outdoor activities. Diverse teams were divided, and the activities involved full of hiking, teamwork, obstacle crossing, treasure hunting and more!

Happy Break: A giant breakfast organised during the morning pause in the main hall of the school for all the students, professors and personnel. An occasion that has turned into a ritual taking place every semester.

Clermont fête ses étudiants: Every year, the city of Clermont dedicates some days to celebrate the arrival of new students into the city, with various cultural activities taking place over a 3-day period. Several concerts, festivals, outings and competitions take place all over the city. As an initiative by the Clermont council, all international students were also invited to the city hall of Clermont and were welcomed by the mayor Mr. Olivier Bianchi followed by a cocktail and ending with an ice-skating party organized in an event venue.