Preparation for employment in the JobLab

Within the Groupe ESC Clermont, we have devised a support mechanism for helping students find their first job and which aims to:

  • make the transition from the academic world to the workplace easier, both now and in the future
  • train graduates who are adaptable

This mechanism is designed to help students:

  • Gradually become aware of their abilities, their personality and their individual potential, and know how to present themselves in a professional context
  • Find out about the executive labour market and the reality of the professions
  • Get the measure of professionals’ expectations in terms of skills
  • Master the recruitment techniques and the conventional and digital selection tools
  • Make the best use of the networks immediately available to them – social networks obviously, but human networks as well, especially the Association des Diplômés, the Groupe ESC Clermont graduate network
  • Acquire an instinct for high standards and openness, both in terms of conduct and intellectually, which are key to any management position in a business world which is undergoing fundamental changes

Ultimately, the support it provides enables each student to develop their career objectives and eventually choose their first job on the basis of relevance and sound judgement.

The mechanism uses tools and skills.


  • Digital partnerships with recognised players in executive employment, including APEC, Jobteaser, Ubifrance, Universum, etc.
  • An online intranet platform provides tools and resource materials which are useful for building career paths as well as internship and apprenticeship offers
  • Career and personality tests


A team of around ten consultants along with some Groupe ESC Clermont graduates, with recognised expertise and with a wide variety of profiles, coach students and support them in their decisions: recruitment, human resources management or consultancy, psychology, labour law, coaching, neuroscience, HR, marketing and social networks.

A collective and tailor-made programme throughout your course of studies

  • Company meetings, the Corporate Tuesdays, once a month, for finding out about careers, sectors and recruiters, in France and abroad, through round tables, company presentations and advisory workshops
  • Conferences and workshops for learning how to manage your intellectual and physical potential as well as for improving your ability to express yourself and showcase your talents and expertise
  • Courses and workshops on recruitment techniques, including CVs, cover letters and mock interviews in French and English
  • Transfer of experience organised between graduates and students