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Breaking Down Stereotypes; A Career In Business

ESC Clermont BS has once again called on the talented Auvergne-based media company, ‘En Vrai’ to produce a new video which aims at breaking down stereotypes and attracting high school students to a career in business management. The company also created the humorous short film released last June to encourage ‘BCE’ business school candidates come to the ESC Clermont BS to pass their oral exams.  

Short-Film: Making Fun of Stereotypes

We all know what a stressful time it can be for high school students as well as their families when they finish their baccalaureate (A-Levels or High School Graduation) and are faced with the inevitable French ‘Parcoursup’ procedure to choose their future studies. Many future students feel helpless when faced with the multitude of possible career paths and the stereotypes associated with them. This is why the ESC Clermont launched this humorous short film to break down the clichés and the pre-conceived vision that high school students may have about a particular profession or sector of activity. 

“The Best Choice Is the One He Will Make”

This 2-minute film, produced by the ‘Tékaté Production Company’ and the Auvergne-based media company ‘En Vrai’, puts Camille, a high school student in the middle of the ‘ParKoursup’ procedure, thinking about his future, and imagining himself doing a particular profession. We see his personal vision, opposed to reality. Camille will let himself be guided by playing with the stereotypes that open doors for him and enable him to discover the world of ESC Clermont BS, while indicating that “the best choice is the one he will make”.

The video plays on the clichés of professions (law as the noble path, medicine with its interminable studies…) and fields of study (sciences for nerds, becoming a sports teacher for great sportsmen…) and encourages high school students to ask themselves what really drives them!

It’s vital to break down these stereotypes and give students the opportunity to know about all the available options without closing any doors.  Stereotypes have a great influence a student’s career choice but they are not very realistic. Students should be able to choose the right course of study to match their own interests and abilities, rather than being guided by preconceptions.

Emilie Coudeyre Communication Director
of ESC Clermont BS
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