Le coq sportif is this year’s sponsor of our Business School

You should know le coq sportif as it is one of the most iconic French sports brands , created in 1882. When you hear the name ‘Le Coq Sportif’ you immediately think ‘rooster’, ‘Tour de France’, ‘French national Rugby Team’, ‘French tennis players’… And of doing business ‘French way.

le coq sportif | Parrainage | ESC Clermont

As a matter of  fact, the French sport’s equipment manufacturer shares many stories and values with our century-old Business School and  a strong link with local companies, a commitment to having a meaningful and global impact on  sport businesses: from large professional teams to small local teams, from famous winners to lower-key, yet worthy athletes… Le Coq Sportif  supports many sports-related CSR projects , and at a local level as well as ending  the production of its sporting goods in Asia, preferring short economic cycles to global profit margins.

The brand values are quite “simple”: proximity, openness, authenticity and quality. Although Le Coq Sportif is not comparable to Nike, Adidas/Puma or Lacoste in terms of sales turnover, it has once again become a leader in the French market  and is now conquering local international markets where it stands out for its French quality. A brand in which we like to recognize ourselves…