Mission and Strategic Objectives


  1. Educate and train our students to become agile and responsible managers and entrepreneurs:
  • Possessing fundamental knowledge in management.
  • Capable of understanding the complexity and the stakes of the economic and business environment where creativity and innovation are keys to successful decision-making, and successful actions.
  • Creating economic, social and business values.
  1. Accompany our students towards professional excellence in France and internationally using efficient and original methods.
  2. Produce and publish knowledge by capitalising on our Programme-Lab-Research ecosystem, in close cooperation with the actors and partners of our regional community.
  3. Support the economic development of the region and the development of competencies in companies and organizations.

Strategic Objectives

To implement our mission, our strategy is based on the following three lines:

  • Academic and pedagogical excellence with the goal of assuring the graduates’ employability.
  • Build programmes, fields and specialisations in keeping with a spirit of co-development with educational and professional partners.
  • Be consistent with the open policy of contribution on a regional level by being a part of large developmental projects both nationally and internationally.