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R. Soparnot succeeds F. Roudier as Managing Director of ESC Clermont Business School

On September 1, 2022, Richard Soparnot, currently Deputy Managing Director of ESC Clermont Business School and Professor of Corporate Strategy, will take over as Managing Director of ESC Clermont Business School, succeeding Françoise Roudier, Managing Director of the School since 2013.

As a graduate of ESC Clermont Business School and following a successful career at the School as a Professor of Marketing, and then as Academic Director and finally as Managing Director, Françoise Roudier will retain specific and value-creating missions in order to accompany the School in its further development.

Nomination R.Soparnot, directeur général ESC Clermont BS
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Pursuing the dynamics of a human and unique school

At a General Assembly held on July 7, 2022, the School’s governance officially appointed Richard Soparnot as the new Managing Director of ESC Clermont Business School.

Richard Soparnot joined ESC Clermont Business School in September 2017 as Academic Director and then became Deputy Managing Director in October 2020. The past 5 years have allowed him to get to know the School, its multiple stakeholders, its culture, its operational/managerial/business model, together with its strategic challenges, to gradually immerse himself in its global ecosystem and environment.

Richard Soparnot has 20 years of experience in the world of French ‘Grandes Ecoles’ and held key responsibilities before joining ESC Clermont Business School.

“By taking over the management of ESC Clermont Business School, I intend to continue its dynamic: a school with a unique human dimension within the landscape of French Business Schools; a school with strong international ambitions facing new national challenges; a school that wants to actively contribute to the transformation of the world and organizations… which has strong assets, values and of course a highly dedicated team.” says Richard Soparnot.

Our new “Reveal 2022-2027″ strategic plan is in line with continued developments initiated 5 years ago and carries new ambitions in the face of environmental and societal challenges. It’s an exciting mission that I’m looking forward to taking up.”

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A natural succession for the implementation of the strategic plan “Reveal 2022-2027”

For Françoise Roudier, Director General of ESC Clermont Business School from 2013 to 2022, « It is with complete confidence that I hand over to Richard Soparnot. Since 2017, he has contributed to the development of the School, first as Academic Director and then as Deputy General Director in 2020. We worked together on the “Reveal 2022-2027” strategic plan that he will be responsible for implementing. Both internally and in our “glocal” environment, Richard Soparnot is the natural successor to the School’s management and will be able to count on me to support this transition and carry out, alongside him, missions that will contribute to his success and that of ESC Clermont Business School.

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