Participation to the 6th edition of the conference dedicated to the reception of international students

The 6th edition of the conference took place in l’Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), Strasbourg. Groupe ESC Clermont was among the 200 universities and 350 participants that were present.

With the theme of the conference “quality of reception facilities”, round tables, workshops and discussion sessions were held to present the current state of international mobility and promote the exchange of good practices. The opening speech was delivered by Patrick GERRARD, the Director of l’ ENA and Béatrice KHAIAT, the Director of Campus France. The workshops were facilitated by different representatives of Campus France, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (M.E.S.R.I.), the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior and the CROUS.

The new strategy to boost the number of international students revolves around the following principal actions:

  1. Simplification of the visa policy.
  • Student visas are to be processed by embassies on a priority basis.
  • Harmonize the process to have the same requirements for reach country.
  • Digitalize the visa validation process in France and eventually the visa application process.
  • Students holding a French degree and who had gone back to their home country will have the possibility to ask for a return visa to find employment in France or start their own business.
  1. Double the number of university courses in English.
  • Enlarge the offer of undergraduate courses delivered in English
  1. Introduction of a quality label (Bienvenue en France) for French establishments.
  • Valorize the quality of welcoming provided by the universities.
  • Incite the universities to enhance their welcoming services.
  1. Triple the number of scholarships and fee-exemptions provided.
  2. Introduction of university fees for public institutions.
  • Usage of those funds to enhance the quality of welcoming.
  1. Strengthen the presence and representation of French institutions abroad.
  • Finance development projects.
  • Develop offshore courses and campuses in Africa
  1. Launch a global communication campaign.

France remains one of the most popular study destinations for international students who are attracted by the quality of education and the rich cultural offer. By introducing those new quality and development initiatives, the French government is determined to preserve its first place as non-anglophone study destination. The government has also fixed a clear objective of attracting 500,000 foreign students in 2027.