Partner companies

Three words summarize our relations with our partners:

  • Consistency: As far as relations go, we must take our time to make things happen. Our main aim is to build enduring relations.  In the Auvergnat spirit, we believe in long lasting friendships.
  • Coherence: From the first contact with the professional world (internships and apprenticeships) to the active networks of experienced graduates, strengthening of competencies of employees and help with projects, the Corporate Relations Department of Groupe ESC Clermont covers all your needs and opens all the doors of the school, of the faculty and of the Association des Diplômés (Alumni).
  • Confidence: because confidence is key to ensuring an enduring relation, we strive each day to deliver a personalized service of quality to allow you to increase your visibility and to develop efficient contacts.

Forms of collaboration with our partner companies:

  • Recruitment of students for internships, work-study programmes and jobs
  • Co-construction of the educational programmes offered
  • Professional lecturers stemming from the companies
  • Organisation of events, conferences and seminars

Géraldine MINGUET, Director of Economic Development