Partnership with Flywire to process payment of international students

The collaboration represents an initiative taken by ESC Clermont BS to digitalize the payment of the tuition fees from abroad.

Processing international payments has traditionally proven to be a difficult practice. International students were required to physically visit their banks to execute the transfer of part of their tuition fees to secure their registration. The lockdown policy that had been generalized in the majority of the countries worldwide restricted the movement of people and led to a true obstacle for international students wishing to go to their local banks in order to confirm their enrollment by paying the tuition fees. Furthermore, such transfers are often associated with high fees, extensive documentation, and little support.

It is for all those reasons that ESC Clermont BS had to rethink its payment processing methods simplifying facilitating the method through which those payments are done.

Flywire is going to become the official payment portal used by ESC Clermont BS. It is a global payment processing platform that is secure, safe, and trustable. All payment methods as bank transfer, credit card, and e-wallet (Alipay, Paypal) are available online from your home. Competitive foreign exchange rates are offered and there are no hidden fees with a Best Price Guarantee for bank transfers in local currencies. Track your payment anytime via the web, Flywire mobile app, or by contacting Flywire directly. Flywire multilingual customer support is available around the clock by phone, live chat, email, and more.

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