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A look back at... a welcoming and committed start to the new academic year!

Throughout the month of September, over 2046 students arrived on the ESC Clermont BS campus. To mark the launch of this new academic year, each student received an ESC welcome pack and took part in a variety of educational and festive integration events organized by ESC staff and student associations.

Several events to highlight the start of the new school year

A range of integration days and ‘ice-breaker’ activities were organized as part of the ESC’s commitment to providing an ideal environment and support for the 760 newcomers, promoting cohesion, teamwork and ‘learning by doing’.

  • The Bachelor 2 class in Digital Communication & E-Business tried their hand at an open-air Laser Game and Escape Game.
  • The Bachelor 2 class in International Management took part in a “Geocaching” activity at the Volvic Organic Resort,
  • The Bachelor 2 class from China searched for clues to solve a life-size Escape Game in Clermont-Ferrand,
  • The Bachelor 3 work-study class, took part in activities proposed by the ‘Crapa Hutte’ outdoor activity center, including a nature shooting course, an orienteering race, a nature combat course, a giant mikados and a waterslide.
  • Finally, the Bachelor 1 class in Digital Communication, E-Business & International Management took part in a «Welcome Week” which culminated in the elaboration of a “Talent Show”, This year’s theme: “A better world”.

The Master Grande Ecole students took part in a personalized back-to-school program: ‘GAME CHANGERS’ conference, in the presence of Julien PIERRE, a former rugby international player and CEO of Fair Play for Planet. A full day was dedicated to the creation of a “Climate Fresco” afterwork event with music. The event also welcomed ESC alumni members who were happy to share their experience and meet the new students…

This exciting start to the new year culminated in the final annual ‘Integration Weekend’ event. The Students’ Union has been working on this event for the past several months and more than 850 students attended this year. The group was transported to a top-secret destination and enjoyed three festive days: sports challenges, themed evenings, and a surprise ‘OBOY’ showcase!

 Did you know?

From the very start of the school year, classes are geared to cultivating new skills and revealing dormant soft skills. Active teaching and personal development are also included in the ESC’s integration events. All activities are designed to boost cohesion within the classroom and to encourage group work.

Workshops and conferences organized by the ESC Clermont Bs are aimed at raising the awareness and sharpening the critical mind of each student. Our overall objective is to open our students to contemporary issues and to lead them to become responsible managers and entrepreneurs of the future, whose priority is to give priority to people and the planet in the decision-making process.

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