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CSR & Mobility: two key issues for ESC Clermont BS

Supporting employee mobility is at the heart of ESC Clermont BS’s CSR challenges, not only as part of the battle against climate change but also with the objective of attracting new talent and cultivating the well-being of staff members. It represents a strong axis of development and is fully in line with the school’s “REVEAL” strategic plan.

During the year 2021-2022, as part of the deployment of its Employer Mobility Plan (EMP), ESC Clermont Business School invited its staff to participate in the following events and actions:

  • The organization of the first “Mobility Forum” involving numerous local transport partners: SMTC, T2C, C.Vélo, VéloKit, VéloCité63, SNCF and Décathlon. The aim was to raise awareness among employees of alternative means of transport for their daily commute.
  • The ESC took part in the Regional Mobility Challenge Event, organized in September 2021 and in June 2022: This event was aimed to encourage staff to experiment with new ways of commuting, beneficial to ecological transition and the protection of the environment. To participate, staff were invited to change the way they travelled to work using one or more of the following modes of transport: walking, cycling, public transport (bus, tram, coach, train, etc.), carpooling, rollerblading, scooters, etc.
  • And more recently, the introduction of the ‘Forfait Mobilité Durable’ (Sustainable Mobility Package) to promote more ecological means of transport by awarding a tax-free mobility grant to employees who use “soft mobility” modes of transport to travel between their usual place of residence and their place of work.

The Sustainable Mobility Package: A Scheme to Promote Environment-friendly Transport

Mobility accounts for almost 14% of household budgets and can take up at least an hour of our daily schedule. Offering soft mobility solutions that are more ecological, fast, efficient, and healthy is one of the ESC Clermont BS’s major challenges. The Sustainable Mobility Package was introduced on the 1st of September 2022, offering a tax-free allowance to employees who use “soft mobility” methods of transport to travel between their usual residence and their workplace.

This financial aid of €500 per year* is awarded to all staff who decide to use carbon footprint-friendly transport methods to travel to work. The scheme is not only financial contribution to help employees with their work/home commute but a way of boosting their physical well-being.

The MEDEF has estimated a 6 to 9% gain in productivity for employees who engage in physical activities. Travelling into work by bike, scooter, train, or tram also helps to create a break between personal and professional life and some time-out to clear the mind.

With the help of the employee mobility grant, I was able to finance the purchase of an electric mountain bike to cover the 10 km outward journey and the 10 km return journey between my home and the school. At the beginning I was a little doubtful because I was used to motorbikes and was apprehensive about the journey time. In the end I found a good route, it only takes me 5 minutes longer to get there and I BREATHE! In short, I have no regrets and the personal feeling of doing “a little” for the environment and therefore for my children

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Did you know that?

ESC Clermont BS has 53 teacher-researchers, 103 administrative employees, more than 400 affiliated professors and has recruited 21 people in 2022.

To pursue a career at ESC Clermont BS is to join 98 women and 58 men committed to training students, the future talents of today and tomorrow.

By joining the school’s teams, you will be able to invest yourself in the broad missions of higher education, accompany students in their projects, develop ambitious projects and take up new challenges!

ESC Clermont offers its staff attractive employment conditions, including:

  • Luncheon vouchers with a face value of 10€ (5€ employer and 5€ employee)
  • For administrative staff: 6 weeks’ holiday + 12 days’ leave
  • For teachers-researchers: 27 days of leave + 15 days of exemption from work
  • A central workplace with good public transport links (train, bus, tram).

*The Sustainable Mobility Package is not taxable. The lump sum is paid on the salary slip in two instalments, at the start of the period and in proportion to the commitment over six-months (1 September 2022 – 28 February 2023 and 1 March 2023 – 31 August 2023). The scheme is open to all employees with an employment contract in the company (permanent, fixed-term, apprenticeship and professionalization contracts), without any seniority requirement.

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