SEGMA Junior enterprise participates to a regional conference in Lyon

A great occasion for SEGMA to connect with other junior enterprises and businesses.

The regional conference took place during the first week of November in the premises of Jean Moulin Lyon 3. It was organized by three Junior enterprises: IAE Lyon, Central Lyon and Science Po Lyon and is oriented towards junior enterprises located in the Central-Eastern region of France.

SEGMA, the junior enterprise of Groupe ESC Clermont was honored to participate in this event with 19 members both old and new. This event brought several junior enterprises together, where they got to discuss and exchange ideas as well as share the best practices and methods experienced in different junior enterprises. Different workshops were organized regarding different topics and areas including commercial, accounting, legal, marketing and quality.

Some were carried out by certain junior enterprises that are present and who hold expertise in the relative area, others are directly delivered by the partner companies of the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises which were also participating in the event, Ernst and Young (EY), BNP Paribas, Alten and ENGIE. A few workshops were conducted by members of the CNJE (Confédération Nationale des Junior-Enterprises).

Among the many workshops that the members of SEGMA attended, one theme related to leadership and how to manage an association which was conducted by EY. Another workshop was animated by Alten (a leader Engineering and Technology Consulting company in France) which focused on HR-related subjects. A third workshop was slanted towards how Engie, the pioneer of the energy industry in Europe, handles its communication management internally and with customers.

According to Mateo, one of the 7 new international students joining SEGMA junior enterprise in the beginning of this academic year, the conference has been a great occasion to witness the importance of the powerful organization and the team spirit that junior enterprises share while connecting with the business world.