Social Policy

We are among those who believe that equal opportunities are the foundation of social emancipation. Over the past ten years, better provisions for social expansion have been enhancing practices of cultural and social diversity, which we consider crucial to shaping our student’s intellectual, social, cultural and emotional agility. Unusual profiles are welcome in our establishment. We strongly encourage them to join us, provided they have the necessary skills to gain a degree from our school.

Our goal is to detect and accompany talented and promising students faced with social or economic constraints. The measure is structured around two pillars, social expansion and disability. It includes three spheres of action: access to training, guidance throughout the programme and professional insertion.

For several years, we have been implementing the support schemes ‘Cordées de la réussite’, ‘Passport Avenir’ and are a founding member of social advancement schemes such as ‘Passerelle Ascenseur social’ and ‘Passerelle Handicap’.

Having decided to integrate the ‘Second-Chance School’ project into our establishment, we affirm our policy in terms of upward social mobility and equal opportunities. In 2014, more than 260 disenfranchised youths (school failure, premature departure from the education system, social and family problems) benefited from these guidance and insertion measures, supervised by twelve of our employees.