Spring events at Groupe ESC Clermont: What you might have already attended or will still be able to attend

As you may know, living in Clermont-Ferrand is an experience in itself. Local culinary specialities, nature, culture, travelling… everything is at hand!

Our School also provides a lot of extra-curricular activities, related to both academia and student life. In other words, there are a lot of opportunities to work hard, but also play hard to have a lot of fun!  Below is a glimpse of what events you might have already attended or may still be able to attend at Groupe ESC Clermont this springtime:

School life

  • A conference about the future of international accounting standards, hosted by one of the top executives of the IASB Board.
  • A conference about our local « unicorns » and their path to success, in association with the Clermont Auvergne French Tech that tracks and supports successful local startup initiatives.
  • A conference about Ethics in Management through the lens of the philosopher Kierkegaard, with top scholar invitees, notably from France and Belgium.
  • A conference about sports and companies, hosted by a national TV journalist.
  • A national competition (and a serious game) to elect the best student sales representative in France. Available in English too…
  • A conference about the evolution of management in health organisations, in association with a cluster of health tech companies.

Student life

  • A huge gathering for the School’s centenary in the local Rugby club,  ASM’s, Stadium, with over 1,500 people and alums coming from all around the world. It’s going to be quite a party…
  • A 4-days trip to a ski resort in the French Alps (organised by the student association BDS).
  • An e-sport competition inside the School for a whole week-end (organised by the student association e-enthusiasts).
  • A 5-days trip to Budapest (organised by the student association BDC). Yes really, that’s Budapest in Hungary.
  • A national basketball play-off with 6 student associations teams from the best French Management Schools. Guess what, Groupe ESC Clermont qualified and are in it!
  • An Escape Game inside the School (a students’ project as part of their curriculum).
  • A Graduation ceremony and evening event at the Clermont-Ferrand Opera House. This is an annual event organised in May and for the first time in Clermont Ferrand’s  recently renovated Opera House!

And these are just a few examples of events our School is organising. Groupe ESC Clermont also hosts events organised by partners such as companies, institutions etc… So, there’s always something happening on our campus, every week.