Tailor-Made Courses

Your skills, your differences and your activities are our assets. To allow you to fit your schedule around the syllabus, the School can offer you a personalised programme.

>  Disabled students

Disability is a new issue in higher education establishments. We are committed to the RFI process (Recruitment-Formation-Insertion professionnelle [Recruitment-Training-Professional insertion]):

  • Recruitment: support for disabled secondary school students with a goal to create ambition for further study;
  • Integration: welcome to the campus and regular support from the campus’s representative for disabled people;
  • Professional insertion: preparation for the job market and integration into a company.

We accompany each of our disabled students by adapting the programme to the needs and expectations of the student. To do this, we work with all the necessary actors, to give individual attention to each student with particular respect to:

  • Pedagogical support: tutoring (from secondary school with the Cordée Acess’sup scheme and its partners), secretarial support, adaptation of documents,…
  • Exam accommodation methods: extra time, loan or hire of material, adapted Toefl testing, possibility to sit exams in the hospital…
  • Aménagement des examens : tiers temps, prêt ou location de matériel, passage Toefl adapté, possibilité de passer ses examens à l’hôpital…
  • Support in the choice of professional orientation and towards insertion in the workplace (placement, CV, integration support): network of disabled-friendly companies, annual participation in Emploi Régional d’Handisup’ Auvergne (Auvergne’s regional disabled job forum), partnership with Tremplin Handicap (French association promoting professional insertion of disabled students enrolled on a higher education programme).
  • Mediation with the university community (teachers, administrative services, students…)
  • Provision of necessary material/support: tablet, English speech therapy sessions, use of French sign language
  • Mobility assistance on the campus; between classes, getting set up in the classroom…

“ On our campus, we have, at present, approximately fifteen disabled students who we support in terms of compensations with respect to lectures (course material accessible before the lecture, use of a tablet to enlarge the slides shown in the lecture,…) and exams (adapted TOEIC, extra time, use of a computer…). These different measures were put in place to re-establish equal opportunities for these students.

Nous les accompagnons aussi pour leur insertion professionnelle avec nos partenaires Handi’Sup Auvergne ou encore Tremplin Entreprise.”

>  High-Level Athletic or Artistic Students

A student who regularly practices a high-level sport or an art and is recognised as doing so, justifying regular practice of a supervised sport, or physical or artistic activity to a very high standard, can benefit from a tailor-made programme according to his or her needs.

We attach particular importance to this type of profile and can encourage and support the student by adapting the academic programme to the demands of the latter’s discipline, within the limits of our educational model. Throughout the year, the student must inform student services and the study department of his or her competition schedule, as highlighted in the study convention (available at the student services office). At the end of the academic year, a file providing a complete review of the year must be submitted to student services. By the end of the year, the student will have learnt to manage his or her schedule and to prioritise actions accordingly.

The status of ‘High-Performing Artist’ is attributed to all students enrolled in the academy of music or in the school of fine arts. The level of artistic practice will be assessed by the members of the selection board.

The status of ‘High-Performing or Elite Athlete’ is attributed to two kinds of athlete:

  • The elite athletes, that is, all athletes registered on the elite sports registry published by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, all athletes registered in a sports division (elite, national or promising – young or senior) in addition to all athletes registered with a club.
  • • High-Performing athletes, that is, all athletes taking part in competitions or national-level tournaments in their discipline and category (including national junior competitions).