Leeza BRIGHT - Promotion 2019
MSc. Corporate Finance

United States

Attending ESC Clermont for my Masters in Control, Audit and Corporate Finance was one of the best decisions I have ever made. With current industry professionals as professors, the courses are based on current industry practices and procedures compared to traditional learning. I am being exposed to projects which requires me to analyze current stocks, EFTs, options and futures that are trading in real-time. Being exposed to both US GAPP and IFRS elevated my marketability in my career field and desirability to future employers.

The most unique factor that elevated my experience at ESC- Clermont is the sense for togetherness that is emulated. The international department always promotes and creates an inclusive bond for all students. All activates, clubs and events are open to all students, there is a faculty wide open-door policy and they are never too busy to help when I need it even it to translate a letter I received from the bank or other agencies. They are always willing to go the extra step and I thank them for that!

Being from Northern Virginal in the Unites States, I have been exposed to many wonderfully unique experiences. However, the country of France and the city of Clermont has elevated my standers to another level. The city is a vibrant representation of proper work-life balance. The surrounding mountains are perfect of a lovely hike or a weekend escape into nature. The people are pleasant and welcoming; they are always patiently willing to help us non-French speakers. The city hosts a series of events that are free to the public along with multiple museums that are free to students. I recently, experienced a Christmas market for the first time, which is a popular event in Europe.