The delegation of GPST visits our campus to prepare the arrival of their Chinese students

A Chinese delegation from Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Technology has visited the campus of Group ESC Clermont for the second time this year.

GPST - Groupe ESC Clermont

The delegation was welcomed by the academic director Mr. Richard Soparnot, the Head of MSc. in Project Management and International Development Manager for Asian Countries – Mrs. Helga Fouré-Joopen, and the staff of International Office. This delegation included 5 persons: Mr. Huang Shichu, Secretary of the Party Committee and four department directors: The Finance Department, the Asset Management, the Auditing Department and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The visit was inaugurated by a tour in the school allowing the delegation to discover the different services and meet the different teams of the school. The Head of Bachelor Programme Ms. Angeline Pinglot has then presented the special track of the Bachelor programme designed particularly for this group of Chinese students: 4 semesters of study in total, the first semester will be devoted to the improvement of their understanding of French culture and language, followed by two classic academic semesters and finally complementing the enriching experience with an internship.

Mr. Richard Soparnot has first visited the campus in Guangdong last year in order to establish our partnership and work on joint undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. From September 2018, 11 Chinese students from GPST will join the Bachelor programme at Group ESC Clermont in within the framework of a joint programme 2+2, which means 2 years in China and 2 years in France. This group of Chinese students will obtain two diplomas, one from their home institution in China and the second from the business school in France.

A lot of preparation and coordination is in process to welcome those 11 students from Guangdong, including the establishment of a completely new academic schedule for their best adaptation and learning process, and the engagement of a staff member from China who will work in the Bachelor service to assure the proper integration and coordination of the joint Bachelor programme.

Another dimension of the partnership concerns the MBA programme that is in process of development by ESC Clermont. That is a programmes aimed at those who already have three to five years of professional experience. Students of this programme can obtain the diploma in 3 semesters (18 months in total). It is possible for students to carry out this programme mainly online, however, if they would like to have international experience, several international seminars can be organized in France or in Europe.