Three international students of MSc. united for an audit project in a French company

The Master of Science in Control, Audit & Corporate Finance unites three students coming from different countries and backgrounds to carry out an auditing project in a local French company.  The students are: Audrey Bayeto from Cote D’Ivoire (Master in Finance and Bachelor in Economic Sciences and Management), Jie Han from China (Master in International Business and Bachelor in Literature) and Neva Kuevi from Togo (Master 2 in Economic Development and Master 1 in Finance). All students of the programme are divided into groups to carry out an audit mission in a French company.

The three students performed a 6-week audit mission in Les Volcans, a co-op bookstore with a capital of 95, 000 euros that is specialized in the selling books and CDs and that is located in the heart of Clermont-Ferrand. The company is owned by 12 shareholers (co-workers) and 40 employees.

Throughout the mission, the students are required to learn about the organization and its accounting department, carry out an audit, collect information, review invoices and payments, and provide recommendations to the company to tackle the weaknesses of the existing accounting system and procedures.

MSc. in CACF: Real case studies and professional integration

According to the students, the Master programme allows them to be subjected to real case studies and prepares them to perform and lead their audit mission. The professional assignment enabled the international students to gain hands-on experience in the work environment, and get familiar with audit procedures. ‘Performing the audit project has allowed me to explore the accounting department and get an idea of the area that interests me whether Finance, Auditing or Accounting’ according to Jie HAN.

Besides the professional integration, and learning about the usage of financial modeling and carrying out an audit, the project in the second semester allows them to reinforce their analysis and team management skills.

Recommendation for prospect students of the Programme

For future students of the master degree, Audrey, Jie Han and Neva recommend you with the following: ‘Be ready for a professional experience with a professional, flexible and open minded spirit’