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ESC Students Succeed in the ‘Create-a-Brand in 1 Semester’ Challenge.

Last semester, Digital Design Manager track students in the final year of their Master in Management program had the opportunity to prove their amazing talent and imagination when they participated in the “Create-a-Brand Challenge”. Each team had to create a responsible brand, develop a sensory universe worthy of the greatest designers, and imagine an original point of sale!

Reviving Craftmanship and Experience to Improve the Management of Creative Projects.

How can we instill a culture of innovation and creativity in traditional organizations? By combining design with local craft skills! In any case, this is one of the promises of the “Digital Design Manager” major led by Diego Landivar.

Throughout the first semester, the DDM students were trained in state-of-the-art survey methods regularly used by major brands, particularly in the luxury sector, to keep them one step ahead. Psychology, sociology, and anthropology… An introduction to soft sciences was also offered to students to equip them with tools and methods to better understand markets, detect future trends and anticipate social trends in a more general sense.

The students also had the opportunity to participate regularly in creative workshops hosted by design professionals, creators, and craftsmen during which they could bring their theoretical knowledge into a real-life situation as well as discover techniques for creating new products, and conducting new projects…

Creating a Brand and Presenting it at the Pop-Up Maker’s Market

Students were given the opportunity to “learn by doing” as the project progressed, starting with the creation of the original idea, the development of a product range, and culminating in the design of the point of sale during the ESC Infolab Makers Pop-Up Market which took place at the end of term.  

Do you know?

As an institution of higher education, we aim to nurture new talent and train responsible managers and entrepreneurs, capable of placing people and the planet at the heart of their choices. 

To raise awareness and sharpen the critical mind of each student, we rely on immersive teaching methods and offer numerous workshops that mobilize collective intelligence and bring out individual and/or collective levers for action.

We offer a multitude of opportunities for our students to learn to work together in the form of workshops or challenges and offer conferences and workshops for everyone.

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