Unprecedented measures taken to support students and confront the COVID-19 crisis

After a few days of transition and adaptation to the government’s instructions, distance learning was generalized on March 23rd with the appropriate tools and the constitution of virtual pedagogical groups.

Key figures

  • 1420 students passed on to distance learning
  • 166 groups created in TEAMS (by level and sector/specialization, business games, etc.).
  • 125 courses scheduled from March 23 to 28
  • 45 permanent professors and researchers active on TEAMS
  • 52 associate professors and professional lecturers present on TEAMS

All of ESC Clermont’s pedagogical activities (courses, evaluation, retakes…) are carried out online till the end of the Spring 2020 semester. The goal is to assure the continuity of those activities without any disruption. Half of the international students studying in ESC Clermont decided to go back to their home country to be close to their families. The rest of the students have chosen to stay in France.

In order to accompany the students and support them in the best possible way, the international service first listed the situation of each of these students, which allowed to identify those who could be particularly isolated or in need of help during the lockdown period.

The International Relations Office informs students measures taken by the business school well as the ones taken by the French government on a regular basis. The exchanges are maintained through personalized mails, Facebook group for international students. A hotline was also established that is accessible 24/07 allowing students to contact the international service in case of any problem or to simply hold a discussion.

Students are also able to benefit from psychological assistance service set up by the Clermont-Ferrand University Health Service.