Visit of Tenured Professor Ms. Jae Chung of Aalen university

Group ESC Clermont represented in its administration along with the international office welcomed this week the tenured professor Prof. Dr. Jae-Aileen Chung of Aalen University in Germany.

During the week spent at Groupe ESC Clermont, Ms. Jae has given Strategic Management courses to our Master in Management students. Holding an Academic Post-Doctoral Fellowship from Harvard university, Jae had given various lectures in different universities in the United States before joining Aalen University, our partner university.

The professor met German students who are currently pursuing their study period in the premises of our school. There are currently 7 students of Aalen university dispersed over the different programmes: Bachelor, Master in Management and Master of Science programmes.

Moving on to Germany, there are 3 of ESC Clermont’s students present in Aalen University carrying out their double-degree as part of their initial study programme: The MSc. in Project Management. Upon the completion of their semester in Germany, those students will also be entitled to obtain the M.A in International Marketing and Sales.

Aalen University remains one of the most research-extensive universities in Germany, the university is located in the region of Baden-Württemberg which is famous for its regional industries as well as the presence of various multinational companies with their headquarters located there, which allows the university to organize workshops in connection with different companies facilitating the transfer of knowledge to the students.