Welcome Bachelor, a pedagogical project ran by the first year Bachelor

Students of the first year of the Bachelor in International Management programme run their first project of the year, only one month after starting the programme. As part of a pedagogical project, the students planned and organized the (Welcome Bachelor) event, one that welcomed more than 400 people to the school. The students were divided into two main teams, one responsible for welcoming the audience and informing them about the different programmes of the school, the school’s associations and its international partners while the other working on a talent show. Both groups also had insight into the different work areas that the event involved: communication, coordination, financing and sponsorship. The goal of the event is to provide students with responsibility from day one, encourage integration through group work and help the students gain new skills.

Welcome Bachelor - ESC Clermont

The Bachelor programme of the business school incorporates various teaching techniques and methods including group work, assignments and company projects. The goal is to assure a dynamic atmosphere allowing students not only to obtain the theoretical knowledge but also to acquire strong interpersonal skills through a learn by practice approach.